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Free Youth Group Camping

Youth groups camp for free here. It is specifically designed for Sports Training camps and Church Camps, but we enjoy our scouts too, and if you have a different youth group we will enjoy your company as well. The camp coach/counselor and the camp cook also camp for free with them.
A large reason for purchasing this campground was to be able to offer this free camping to youth groups. It is not at all uncommon that many families cannot afford to send their children to Church Camp or Team Bonding Camps (even training camps in the late summer, as regulations allow) due to the cost of $200 to $500.00 per week. We don't believe that children should be denied the right to experience religion and sports camp in a memorable, educational campground setting. We don't believe the potential top notch athletes should be left behind because they can't afford $500.00 per week for a team bonding or training camp. A summer bonding camp is a great way to keep our young athletes motivated and in touch prior to the start of formal training season. It’s a great way to keep your youth bonded with their religious friends while school is out of session, not to mention all the education nature has to offer.
Teams spirit and unity is a key to victory whether it’s with religion or athletes. What better way to increase team spirit other than camping as a group creating bonds between counselors, coaches and the youth groups. The youth group camping currently is within the rest of the campground.
If you’d like to float one of our local rivers call us for recommendations for a Canoe or Kayak Livery Service. We base our recommendations of past customers experience combined with our experience with them. There are no bad Livery services in the area that I know of, but some are better than others and fall in tune with our Business Statement.



PHONE: 231-745-2621