horse and buggy rides

No charge, Tip the driver if you'd like. We do our best to make sure everybody gets a ride that wants one.  But we don’t typically drive in the rain, and we have to let the horse rest, whether or not everybody has had a ride. If you’re going to be out and about during the day and we know your schedule we can better schedule our rides to accommodate your group. It always saddens us when a group, excited about a ride, returns to the campground shortly after we’ve worn Mable to a frazzle. She’s a happy and healthy young gal, and we’d like to keep her that way.

Rides will be led by Mable a half Belgium, half Standard Bred horse with her 4 wheeled buggy in tow. Mable is a large, graceful, gentle horse. You are welcome to jump in and ride with us throughout the campground as we drive back and forth between the office, the lake and the campsites. Contact the office to reserve your hay ride. It’s not at all uncommon to find us giving customers a ride to eat at Barski’s or even Government Lake Lodge or the Bowling Alley for an evening dinner.

Occasionally we’ll Hitch Rex and give driving lessons on one of our Two wheeled carts.  Rule number 357:  No bashfulness. Please ask at the office if you don’t see Rex hitched and want to learn to drive him. (Sunday afternoon and other slow days with prior arrangements perhaps we could be talked into teaching some youngsters to ride saddle also. Sometimes we have to say no, due to mis-matched personalities and the fear factor.  But we do what we can to work through that with the “one step at a time method” of making the horse/s, Donkey and riders comfortable with each other.  Please tip the handler/s for this courtesy if appropriate, they are most generally volunteers being supervised by experienced riders/trainers. Participate and ride at your own risk.

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