Camp rules

Our rules are based on Safety, Laws enforced by our governing agencies, respect for ourselves, each other, and our properties combined with security.  By following our simple rules it’s most likely that not only will your group arrive with a smile, but you’ll also leave with a smile.

It is important to know:  Entering our property is at your own risk and all activities here is at your own risk. 

SAFTEY First, SAFTEY last, SAFTEY always.  

All Non registered guests must report directly to the office to register to camp, or for our activities, a tour, or a guided tour of our secure campground.

Complete copies of our master rules and rules applying to the individual activities are available at the office.

5 Miles Per Hour (or less) Speed limit is strictly enforced.

This is a 62 acre play ground.  40 some acres of it are for children and their parents and accompanying pets.  We wouldn’t drive through a school playground at 10 mile per hour, nor will we here.  Children and adults, Horse and Buggy meandering along our roads is encouraged.  Autos are merely tolerated for Arriving and Departing and our guests with mobility challenges.  Staff vehicles are a necessity.

Children must be supervised

The Law encourages it, we enforce it, and it helps us protect and preserve the natural beauty of this campground by preventing new insect and parasite infestation from being carried in. We provide our campers with firewood, generous extra large bundle; or for our Seasonal and semi seasonal customers that stay for more than a few days and our neighbors we provide firewood by the rick (face cord) and cord.  We leave our dead and down trees for our seasonal and youth groups. (contact us for specific guidance)

Note that we have adopted the state/federal campsite refund policy and enjoy the right to modify it, give refunds/camping credits at our discretion if at all.


Enter at your own risk:  CAMPING AT YOUR OUR RISK

Camping has its own inherent risks, we also have paintball, horses and other small animals for your enjoyment on the property. When you enter our propertie/s is at your own risk.


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