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Places To Eat

These establishments try their best to cater to our communities Visitors. When you tip the wait staff, don’t forget the chefs (we typically tip the chef also). The cooking is well worth it, just like distinguished steak houses.

Barski’s (1 mile north of the campground on M37/US 10 east side of the road, just past that marathon station)
The owner, a school trained chef, having had managed Grand Rapids finest, and then converted that quality food and cooking technique to the most scrumptious bar/restaurant food imaginable. It is always a filling delightful experience, with rare exception. (my mouth is watering as I write this review)

Bowling Alley: (south end of downtown east side of the road, across the road from Dairy Queen and beside that bait shop)
Their Subs are tremendous. The Pizza is hand made to order with a smile. Ask about the 10 pound pizza, 10 items, 10lbs: Bring your fork for this one!! (A Putman Lake Campground special that they do for, us and our customers.) How about Bowling with the kids, while you wait for your meal.
Nick the owner is one heck of a good fella and cares about his customers.

Club 37: (9 miles North of the Campground, 10 miles north of town, on M37, west side of the road) Country Elegance at its finest! These folks are clean and fancy, literally country elegance at its best. Down home cooking that’ll impress the most discerning folks, tickling their taste buds ever so smoothly; with top notch chefs and wait staff. If you get a chance, go out of your way to thank Nancy for her commitment to our community and promoting tourism for your enjoyment.

Jones Ice Cream: (Smack dab Down Town, east side of the Road) These Folks don’t need an introduction. Folks have been coming to join them for their Secret Recipe, delightfully tasty Home Made Ice Cream, for what seems to be as long as Baldwin has been on the Maps. I started enjoying their ice cream in the 1960’s, as a child for our Sunday drives, and still enjoy it several times each summer along with many of our customers friends and staff. It seems to taste better with each visit. No Visit to Baldwin is complete without a stop at historical Jone’s Homemade Ice cream.

Dairy Queen: (south end of downtown, west side of the road across from the bowling Alley)
We go for their Chili Dogs. Their soft serve Ice cream and shakes are refreshing delights on a hot summer day here in paradise.

Patti Drugs: Smack Dab downtown East side of the road.
They have a wonderfully tasty selection of fudge that is indigenous to our north country; Summer, Spring, Winter or Fall it hits the spot. They also carry Campfire necessities behind the counter for those that enjoy consuming that are over 21. (don’t drink and drive or enjoy water sports mixed with Alcohol)
Matt, the new owner is down to earth and very customer Conscious. If there is something you’d like to see them stock, ask for him and let him know. He has made transferring your out of town prescriptions a breeze taking most types of insurance making your vacation stress and worry free.
Keep the phone number with you in case you forgot or misplaced your prescriptions while on vacation here in Lake County: Patti Drugs, Baldwin MI: 231 745 4697. If you rely on prescriptions to enjoy a comfortable and safe quality of life, this could be the most important phone number to have with you.



PHONE: 231-745-2621